CNB Joins Forces with SolonPort

The Management of CNB Logitech (Bangalore, India) and SolonPort Technology (Istanbul, Turkey) are pleased to announce to the global port and terminal sector that a formal strategic marketing agreement has been signed.

Rajesh Kumar the CEO and Co-founder of CNB stated during the signing that his company had been developing a new state of the art SmartYardTM and SmartPortTM solutions, which has been designed around the latest in lean and agile technology whilst fully embracing at its core a new “Artificial Intelligence” engine. “We have taken AI and Machine Learning to a new level with real time IOT data when looking at solving busy and complex container Terminal Facilities.”

Rajesh explained “our Products can operate fully independently; we wanted to provide a virtual Terminal model that could depict the physical activities that occurred across the terminal taking our “on the fly” work orders and highlighting these with the physical tracking of every moving asset across the container terminal.”

“With a thorough review of current “3D design groups” we considered only those that actually understood the dynamics of a working Terminal we selected the folks at SolonPort as the most optimal and complimentary partner.”

Mrs Yelda Oksak CFO and Co-Founder of SolonPort also expressed that her company could see the value in collaboration as they seek to expand out of their existing Turkish stronghold. Yelda highlighted that Solon’s 3D Operational Tool takes Yard Operations to the next level. Of course, terminal planning systems are available that can predict and allow for the physical layout of the terminals to be captured; however, Yelda explained that their system shows every aspect of a working terminal: from Vessels berthing, to Yard Tractors moving between stacks, live data is fed back into the TOS and at a click of a mouse one can see what chain of events have been performed and the one that are actually in progress.

Richard Butcher CNB’s Executive Vice President of Global Business Development added that this is a game changer for the Container Terminal sector, as our solutions are very modular in nature, they can easily slot into any 3rd Party Terminals TOS solution delivering a Super Charged level of performance to these standard applications. Butcher also indicated that the AI Powered engines create savings to Terminals from Day One – every time the engine runs it calculates optimal moves reducing wastage at every level, with the Machine Learning the AI engine continually adepts and tweaks decisions on the fly allowing the solution to overcome conflicts that usually occur during daily yard operations.

John Dunlop – SolonPort Global Development – expressed that the Terminal Markets have been crying out for these types of solutions and together they bring that missing component to a relatively conservative marketplace. He also added “This new Co-Marketing Agreement will allow the two companies to explore the rapidly developing African, Indian, South East Asian sectors whilst also looking at talking with all the Major Terminal Groups that are seeking change.”